MetaCPAN has over XXX thousand modules and it can be hard to know which module is the best one. For example there are at least XXX modules for dealing XXXX. New modules appear all the time which make the old best solution obsolete. It can be hard to keep up.

This chapter is an attempt to help new users decide quickly which modules to use. These recommendations are a biased set of opionions based on my personal experiences and on the writing of people I respect.

Feedback is wanted! If any of these recommendations are wrong or outdated or not nuanced enough please let me know. Part of the reason I'm undertaking this is so that the community tells me when I'm using the wrong module.

Sources (other than experience):


My largest source of inspiration is mstpan from which I've stolen liberally and shamelessly because its a really good set of blog posts from 2015. However I wanted that resource to be available in a more discoverable format that could be maintained via github (like this book).


The Enlighted Perl Organization created Task::Kensho and it was one of the first attempts at making module recommendations.


Dave Golden is the author of a number of widely used modules which I like and use. He also keeps a list of modules he uses.

Neil Bowers

Neil Bowers is another developer who has written some great module reviews. I wish he would write more.


The use of some libraries is discouraged.