Chapter 4. Recommended libraries


Web Frameworks


Rating: Shiny

Mojolicious was written and maintained by Sebastian Riedel who is also the creator of Catalyst. Mojolicious is not afraid to deprecate features or functions. This allows it to deliver carefully maintained api, tools, and code that make sense and are unencumbered by weird legacy decisions.

MetaCPAN stats:


Rating: Solid and lightweight

Dancer was originally a clone of Ruby's Sinatra web framework. Over time, it has evolved into its own thing. Dancer was built with its own home grown object system. Dancer2 is a rewrite which fixes some important problems and is written with Moo.


Rating: Venerable

Catalyst has been around longer than most frameworks which means it has a large ecosystem of plugins.

Backwards compatibility is a key value. Thats great if you want your web app to work without changes 10 years later. It also means it has more legacy code and legacy issues than frameworks who don't value backwards compatibility as much.


Rating: Awesome but not a web framework

Rating: Do not use

This is an old library which was created in 1995 and was extremely popular around 2000. For a while it was part of the Perl core. It was a good idea at the time. Its not a good idea, 18+ years later, to use this to create new applications.